How to nail down the perfect travel destinations

    The summer is here … you have not planned your holidays yet or decided to travel more? Do not worry, because there is no better place for you as a Lyconet Marketer to get inspired and benefit while organizing your holiday than travelWorld. On each full booking price, you receive 2% Cashback and 10% Shopping Points! Also, not long ago, Lyconet’s partner travelWorld hit another milestone by having in-store more than 14,000 Shopping Points Deals for you and your Shoppers. So, go and have a look at travelWorld’s redesigned Shopping Point Deals landing page – now with an interactive global map showing all the SP Deals around the world. 

    The impeccable services do not end there – with travelWorld you can even book your flight or arrange the perfect business meeting for your team! Currently, you have the possibility to book not only accommodation and transport but also the full travel experience. That includes activities such as guided tours, museums, boat trips, theme parks etc. as well as car rentals, and transfer to events in combination with hotel reservations. On top of that – “all for better than the best prices”! 

    Well, clearly you cannot find a better match as a Marketer regarding your leisure or business trips! So far, so good … but the rest is on you! The important question here is: 

    How do you decide where to go? 

    In case you are not sure what type of vacation you are currently craving, planning might be quite challenging. Your choices are endless – a solo trip exploring European galleries, a relaxing vacation in Bali, flying in the Cappadocian sky with hot air balloons, or a hiking adventure in the Alpes. Just be specific with your wish. If you are a passionate traveler, you want to go EVERYWHERE, but let’s be realistic here – it is possible, but only if you have a good plan and if you do it step by step! Here are some tips on how to nail down the perfect travel destination: 

    1. Ask yourself the right questions! 

    Once you narrowed down your top 10 destinations, consider your budget. The next step is to define the type of your trip and ask yourself a couple of questions: Cold or warm weather, alone or with company, relaxing or adventure, city or countryside, sea or mountain etc.  

    1. Ready, set, go! 

    Once you answered all the questions that might make you inconsiderate, just book the vacation. Click the button with no second thoughts! The more you overthink and delay, the more confused you become and probably miss out on the hottest deals. Just remember that memories matter more than belongings! At the end of the day, you will regret it a lot more if you do not go. 

    1. Be open-minded! 

    Do not underestimate locations with less reputation. Very often they are as beautiful as the popular destinations, but you can benefit from fewer tourists and better prices. If your budget is thight, you do not necessarily need to go far away. Stay open-minded for locations close to you. There is always a budget-friendly and suitable option for you! 

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click 

    Once you have planned your trip, why not help others to make memories as good as yours? travelWorld allows you to give the gift of travel and surprise someone with an experience to remember for a lifetime. How? Well, travelWorld offers gift cards in several designs for each taste and preference. Start exploring now: Gift Card

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