How to increase your company’s results

    Are you wondering what it takes to be more efficient in today’s business world and how to increase your company’s results?  

    As you know, shopping is at the heart of every Lyconet Marketer’s business. By promoting the myWorld Shopping Community, Marketers can establish an additional income and fulfil their dreams of working flexible hours and becoming financially independent.  

    Regardless of whether these purchases are made online or in-store, hundreds of thousands of satisfied partners and millions of enthused shoppers around the world have already become a part of this global community – this speaks for itself, right?, a unique online marketplace, combines these Loyalty Merchants and shoppers on one single platform that offers millions of products at unbeatable conditions. 

    In network marketing, company growth also means personal growth. This growth can be achieved through the benefits of the myWorld Partnerships. We will guide you on how it works and what benefits the amazing myWorld Partnership has in store for you. 

    Switch your pitch 

    myWorld Partners are an important pillar of the local economy, also helping numerous myWorld Shoppers save money with every purchase. At the same time, they increase their success and are a part of a community of recommendations which makes it possible for small and middle-sized businesses to achieve stronger customer loyalty at a low cost.  

    There are many ways to approach potential myWorld Partners. However, when approaching new potential myWorld Partners, the first impression is crucial to set the standard. It is particularly important to habituate your approach towards myWorld Partners in order to steadily improve your skills. SME expert Herbert Teissel stresses that you should be brief and direct when approaching potential merchants for an appointment. 

    “The goal of making an appointment is to make an appointment “– Herbert Teissel 

    This is an important skill for any Marketer. Yet so many Marketers struggle to convert a conversation with a good prospect into a scheduled appointment. Are you wondering how to master this skill and increase your Organization’s results? Find out more in the myWorld Partnership Training Video here. 

    Utilize the right tools  

    Do you find yourself using your phone less when reaching out to potential myWorld Partners? Regardless of your answer, many successful businesses use this strategy to achieve better results. Your phone is one of the most powerful tools you as a Marketer have in your arsenal. Basically, all you need is a couple of clicks away.  

    • You need to target a potential myWorld Partner? – Do your research with your phone!  
    • You found potential myWorld Partners? – Call or write them and get an appointment!  
    • You need to find all the presentation materials or video tutorials? – Go to the Media Center via the Lyconet App!   
    • You want to be well prepared? – Be up to date and make sure you know how to present all the benefits. Again, all that one click away! 

    Extra reminder: Make sure to have the Lyconet App and the myWorld App on your phone for a smooth and successful business pitch. Find more information here. 

    Explain the concept of the phenomenal myWorld Scan & Go  

    This feature was launched in 48+ countries and the shoppers there no longer have to show their myWorld Card while making a purchase but can now scan and record their invoice directly in the myWorld App after the purchase. How amazing is that! Find out more here. 

    myWorld Partnerships’ benefits recap 

    It is perfect for merchants, customers, and Marketers and they should dive into it! 

    • Firstly, the myWorld Partnership offers 3 core advantages for the merchants. They can easily register new customers, accept, edit, or reject turnovers, and they can also create Cashback Deals. 
    • Secondly, the customers can benefit from these Cashback Deals. They will get more Cashback with the Cashback Deals while redeeming their Shopping Points (SP). If a myWorld Partner has created a Cashback Deal, it will be shown automatically. The Shopping Points of the customers turn into real money and get paid out as Cashback! Everything will happen automatically, so you and your customers do not have to do anything – just enjoy all the benefits! 
    • And thirdly, you as a Marketer will get Shopping Point Cash for all the Cashback your customers receive. And if you – on top of that – get merchants to join your shopping network, you benefit even more and you can redeem even more Shopping Points. So much Cashback will be generated! 

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