How to expand your team

    A Marketer’s Organization expands with every myWorld customer, myWorld Partner, and Lyconet Marketer they inspire to join myWorld or Lyconet. Lyconet offers you its best service and support to assist you as a Marketer in reaching as many prospects as possible. The math is simple: More customers = more purchase volume = more benefits for YOU!

    To help you expand your Organization efficiently, Lyconet has prepared all the relevant tools a Marketer might need. It is important to consider that only Marketers who continuously work on themselves can make their businesses grow significantly and inspire their teams to achieve peak performance.

    Here are some tips you might find useful on how to expand your team:   

    1. Maintain stable connections

    Undoubtedly your success is deeply rooted in your hard work. Nevertheless, establishing a stable connection with the customers you already have might be as important as acquiring new ones. As shopping at myWorld is the heart of the business, attracting and keeping customers is crucial for you and your team. And now shopping and the benefits that come with it were never this tempting! With the jaw-dropping Scan & Go and everything that myWorld has up its sleeve, it is hard not to impress your potential customers, which leads us to our next tip.

    2. Use all the tools wisely

    Nowadays, we are more connected than ever before and to not take full advantage of the unlimited opportunities that the Internet and the media offer us would be such a waste. The role of social media, in particular, can play a crucial part in connecting people and building relationships. As a Marketer, your career development strongly depends on connections and relationships, and it would be wise for you to dedicate more time and resources to your social media channels. Through your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account, you can reach out to as many people as you wish at any time from anywhere, by only using your phone. Additionally, Lyconet has developed the perfect personal assistant for you in the form of an app that allows you to access and share all the important materials. And don’t forget it’s the perfect complement – the myWorld App!

    Founder Hubert Freidl and Italian team at the Elite Seminar 2023 in Germany.

    3. Be an example

    As the leader of your Organization, you have the great responsibility to direct the pace. First, you have to present a clear-cut picture of the work model to your team and keep them updated all the time. Then, you must be more involved and rely on communication to create a unified workflow and encourage healthy collaborations. And remember, as long you keep your Organization motivated and enthusiastic, the rapid growth of your team will follow organically. Teach your team how to approach new customers, what to avoid, what to communicate and how. As you know, communication is the key.

    4. Never skip the basics

    Here are some focal points that you might overlook, but are important:

    • Be sure that your team and your prospects understand that Lyconet means hard work and dedication. They need to understand the core business before committing to it. Explain the perks of the SP Packs, the incentives, and the Cashback and how it all works. Find examples in the Media Center.
    • Approach as many potential myWorld Partners as possible. You go to the same hairdresser for ages? Well, why not explain to them what being a myWorld Partner means and the advantages for both sides?
    • Everyone on your team should download the Lyconet App. It is an absolute must-have! You always have your phone with you and that means that you can always be up-to-date with the latest news. Everything you need as a Marketer is just one click away.
    • Subscription to the Lyconet newsletter can help you explain all the news to your team supported with examples. So make sure everyone subscribes!
    • Always watch the latest Lyconet Outlook episode at the beginning of each Production Month and send it to your team.
    • Have a look at Lyconet’s special pages. You have various possibilities to benefit from amazing offers and on the special pages you can find detailed examples and explanations!
    • Invite your team to the Lyconet Global Telegram chat, where they will be provided with all the needed information right after each go-live.
    • Encourage them to follow all our social media channels. As mentioned above, the media provides you with unlimited opportunities. Take advantage of them!
    • And lastly – attend events. There you can network and expand your business on an international level. Not to mention that the experience of celebrating success with thousands of like-minded people is one-of-a-kind. Do not miss it!
    Elite Seminar 2023 in Germany.

    5. Learn from the best

    Lyconet is constantly trying to support your career as a Marketer by offering the best coaching opportunities, valuable tips, and relevant information on the subject of professional development at the various Lyconet events. By taking part in the events, you have the chance to listen to some of the world’s most renowned speakers who can provide you with the best first-hand knowledge and recipes for success. The Lyconet events such as the Elite Seminar are unique opportunities for existing Lyconet Marketers as well as prospective Marketers to grow and reach their full potential. Business, coaching, networking, and collaboration – that’s what the Lyconet events are all about. Join us with your team and your prospects at the next Elite Seminar in Germany and expect something big!

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