How important are events for your career

    In the predominately digital world we are living in, meeting like-minded individuals in real life tends to happen less often. But let us be honest, the most successful deals are not made online – they are often made over dinner, on the golf course or during an event. Therefore, real-life meetings and events are not to be underestimated. They can be indeed life-changing!

    For Lyconet Marketers, attending events is probably one of the most crucial elements of their career. Why? For several reasons, but mostly because of the endless opportunities you get from working on an international level. We have listed the most important reasons why a Lyconet event can be game-changing for you! 

    1. Connect and interact 

    The Lyconet events are special in the sense of giving you the chance to meet not only like-minded people but also work together with them despite probably being from different countries. The amazing business structure is a perfect fit for everyone, and you have the chance to expand your team on an international level.

    2. Get inspired 

    There is no greater happiness than finding the right people. By finding excited Marketers like you, you can exchange ideas, experiences, and tips. New inspirations provide new possibilities: They can have a positive effect on your well-being, they can allow you to overcome your limitations, and they can even improve your creativity, for example. On top of that, you can even get inspired to conquer new territories! A fresh perspective is always healthy for all entrepreneurs.  

    3. Build strong relationships 

    You might get surprised by how much you can help someone with your expertise or vice versa! When you interact with like-minded people at an event or after an event, you form relationships. It is likely to get invited again or to get invited to a similar event where you have the chance to meet even more people, exchange experiences, and gain even more knowledge. 

    4. Stay up to date 

    By attending events – especially the Lyconet events – you will always be up to date with the most relevant and helpful news regarding your business opportunities. Lyconet and its partners are focused on supporting you on your way to the top, and the goal of hosting events such as the Elite Seminar – to provide you with all the excellent chances to elevate your business!  

    5. Get first-hand experience from experts

    Hearing what successful entrepreneurs have to say is one of the best reasons to attend a network marketing event, and people travel far and wide to be the first to hear new material and developments from the biggest names in their field.

    It does not matter how well-known the speaker is. What matters is the quality of his know-how. You can then share what you have learned with your team and your prospects. Nevertheless, you will always learn something new. But as you know, Lyconet’s speakers are always top-notch experts that not only improve your career and boost your enthusiasm but also can contribute to the development of your mindset.

    Join us in Germany

    The biggest Lyconet live event will take place again, but this time it will be bigger, better, and stronger! Get ready for the Elite Seminar 2023 in Germany!

    • When: 07 – 08 July 2023
    • Where: VELTINS-Arena, Gelsenkirchen
    • Who: Lyconet Marketers from all over the world

    You are able to convert existing tickets, purchase new ones, and share this incredible event experience with others! Do not hesitate to do so, spread the word and be there!

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