How can shopping boost your happiness?

    Many of us turn to retail therapy when facing some minor inconveniences, or is that just an excuse so we can go shopping? The term retail therapy is – of course – sarcastic since shopping cannot be compared to medical therapy of any sort. For some reason, shopping has been classified as a bad habit, but it is scientifically proven that it can be very beneficial for your mental health and has indeed a therapeutic value. It is fact that the level of dopamine of most of us increases significantly when shopping. The feeling when we add an item to our shopping cart or walk into our favorite store – irreplaceable!

    For example, shopping gives you a sense of control and boosts your mood. Very often we are upset over external factors or situations that we cannot control. Therefore, shopping makes us feel that we do have everything under control. Another benefit from shopping is the habit of saving up money. If you save up for something long-awaited and then reward yourself, the levels of excitement are even higher because of all the effort and time. As mentioned above, the level of dopamine rises before purchasing something but also after that.

    Christmas Shopping for Marketers 

    One of the busiest shopping times of the year, after Black Friday, is the so-called Christmas shopping. It is quite a complex and special process because we do not only shop for ourselves, but also for our loved ones and we want to surprise them and make them as happy as possible. As Christmas is just around the corner, we start asking ourselves: What is the perfect present and – most importantly – where do I find it?  

    In this upcoming Christmas shopping season, Marketers not only can benefit from the extra mental boost but also from all the special offers Lyconet and its exclusive partners have in store., for example, is the absolute go-to place for all Marketers and Shoppers, because there they can find everything they need and get Shopping Points and Cashback on top. The best part – the more shopping volume is created in a Marketer’s Organization, the more Shopping Points after every purchase!


    Everyone can get inspired and even tick off every item on their Christmas shopping list from the comfort of their home. They can browse through various categories and enjoy a fine selection of all sorts of items. And the new feature – the myWorld Shopping List – allows you to create and edit personalized shopping lists directly in the myWorld app or on your desktop. The lists are synchronized automatically so that you always have the current version of your shopping list with you.  

    Lyconet’s partner myWorld thrives to become the strongest shopping community in the world. Therefore, all the offers are carefully crafted with the simple idea to fulfill the needs and wishes of all customers. Get inspired and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year with the best shopping experience!


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