Highlights of the Lyconet Power Tour Asia

    After the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we are finally able to see all of you in person! And to be honest – there is no greater joy and honor than seeing our Marketers succeed, and now we can do so not only online! How? Thanks to our Lyconet events of course!

    Speaking of events: We are more than happy to mention again that the Lyconet Power Tour has marked an unbelievable success across Europe and exceeded all the expectations in Asia! From 13 May to 12 June 2022, Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet, Hubert Freidl, Founder of the group of companies, as well as Sharif Omar, CEO myWorld International, were touring across Europe to bring the latest news and updates to you all! After that, the Power Tour Series continued in Asia, where Mario Kapun and Sharif Omar shared the stage with C C Wong (Career Level 7, Malaysia) and Alfian Abu Talib, MD myWorld APAC. As Mario Kapun expresses – “It was a really good feeling to have these live events after two years of having almost no events.”  

    The most recent event from the Lyconet Power Tour event series took place on 2 July 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and marked an unbelievably successful start in the second half of the year! 

    The Asian market is full of potential and gives you the chance and all Marketers to grow your teams on an international level! Although Kuala Lumpur is far away from Europe, some motivated European Marketers have attended the event, and this is the exact proof that events are the best way for you to expand your business worldwide. 

    The overall atmosphere was “filled with excitement”, says Roy Lim, Country Operations Manager myWorld Malaysia. One could feel the spark, passion, and energy both from Marketers and speakers. One can be certain that the Asian market is bound to achieve enormous success in the future!  

    After all the brilliant speakers shared their fair share of exciting news and updates, the Marketers participated in the Career Level Honoring, where all the achievers received their certificates. C C Wong also received his warm welcome to the Lyconet’s Presidents Team. And last but not least, arguably many Marketers’ favorite part was the Meet & Greet, where the invited participants had the chance to talk to all the speakers. It was most certainly a night to remember for all! 

    And the last stop … 

    All good things come to an end, and so does the magnificent Lyconet Power Tour! The cradle of civilization – Mediterranean Thessaloniki – will be the event series’ last destination. Do not miss it, even if it is far away from your home city! You should choose a tour location outside your country and stay there a couple more days to explore the city or the surrounding region. This way, you get to know something new, and you broaden your horizon not only at the event but also before and after it. Not to mention that you will have the chance to meet other like-minded Marketers! 

    Also, stay tuned because the event of the year is yet to come! Brace yourself for the rocking Elite Seminar 2022 in Kraków

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