Happy Vision Board Day!

    Have you already heard about the International Vision Board Day? It is held on the second Saturday in January every year, and in 2022 it happened to be on 8 January 2022. It was invented not that long ago, namely in 2015 by Kellan Lutz and Ryan Daly in order to support people in achieving their goals during the upcoming year. As mentioned in our previous article, when we tend to change something, we tend to look at a new beginning marked by a specific time, such as from Monday, or from January on. Therefore, there is no better time of the year than now to celebrate this brilliant way of visualizing our success. 

    As the concept speaks for itself, by using a visual board regardless of the medium, we tend to narrow down our goals for the upcoming months. Very often we break down our tasks into even smaller tasks and create a timeline and a strategy, and these tasks become significantly simpler and are seen as more doable, which of course keeps us motivated. By creating a vision board, we invoke “the law of attraction”, and our goals seem reachable and more real. 

    What a nice way is to start the new year with the creation of a vision board! You can involve your Team and do something valuable for their business while boosting the team spirit. Among the many advantages of the visualization method is the development of imagination and positive thinking. It teaches people that business should be fun while being profitable; plus, once a project is started – mentally you are halfway there! 

    How to make the perfect vision board is up to your imagination. You can use a paper medium or a digital one and after being done keep it next to you. Here are five simple steps to follow as your guide: 

    •  Give a clear definition to your goals 
    •  Look for an inspiration 
    •  Create the vision board step by step 
    •  Update it regularly 
    •  Enjoy the results 

    Remember, once you put your thoughts on paper, you make them real – so, hurry up and turn all your dreams into reality! 

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