Happy International Women’s Day

    On 8 March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This special day celebrates womanhood and equality, and it is dedicated to all the women who are facing challenges in their day-to-day life. Women play the same significant role as men in the social, cultural, economic, and political spheres. Therefore, they deserve a day to praise them as role models.  

    Lyconet is honored to have successful women that inspire others and share our vision of success! 

    Marina Graf – the woman who is not afraid to start over 

    We would like to share the success story of Lyconet President Marina Graf (Career Level, 7 from Germany). Her journey with Lyconet began in 2009, but she completely started over in 2017 and managed to join the Lyconet Presidents Team in less than 2 years.  

    For her, success means achieving a goal she has previously set. Her strong will and her determination to never give up have also contributed to her success. In the past, she had to deal with a lack of support, incomprehension, and rejection – but that never stopped her. On the contrary, it motivated Marina to prove everyone wrong, and she managed to do so by joining the Presidents’ Team. 

    She finds the unique business model that Lyconet offers the perfect chance for women to succeed, and not only for them but also for everyone no matter their age and background.  She says: 

    “With Lyconet, everyone has the same chance.” 

    Marina’s tip is to ignore the negativity and simply focus on your goals, since: 

    “Our business is a marathon, not a sprint!” 

    Teresa Berger – the youngest female Lyconet President 

    Another inspirational woman that we would like to give as an example is Lyconet President Teresa Berger (Career Level 8, from Germany). She started her Lyconet Career at 20 and, in less than 2 and a half years later, she managed to achieve Career Level 8, which makes her the youngest female Lyconet President. The greatest challenge which she overcame graciously – were self-discipline, structure, and taking on responsibility. As a young woman, she managed to gain respect and secure her position as a leader, which in her opinion might be a challenge for women in business. Her tip is to always try staying disciplined and focused, and in that way, you cannot go wrong. The right support and environment are crucial for Teresa. She says: 

    “Choose your environment and the people around you wisely! You can’t do wrong in the right environment, and you can’t do right in the wrong environment. That is so often underestimated!“ 

    She has an incredible view of success. To her it means sharing it and helping others: 

    “When you’re not able to share your success and help others, you’re not successful.” 

    Anna Tifui – the woman with the key to success 

    Among our honorable mentions, the next to come is Anna Tifui (Career Level 8, from Italy). Anna is a young mother but manages to prove herself over and over as a brilliant entrepreneur. 

    Anna has no specific routine, but she thinks that her general habits taught to be always ready to act:

    “I believe that doing is the recipe for success.” 

    Find out more about her experience with Lyconet and her secrets to success in the Anna Tifui – the woman with a recipe for success article. 

    The list goes on and Lyconet is more than happy to have such hard-working and devoted women in the business. Therefore, we would like to congratulate and thank all of them for being such a vivid inspiration! 

    So, send your wishes to your sisters, mother, wife, best friends, and daughters for encouraging them to achieve some more success in their life. Women are appraised as the pillars of strength, and much more in life! 

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