Happy International Mother Language Day

    On 21 February, we celebrate International Mother Language Day. This special day originates from Bangladesh and aims to raise awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism around the world. Our mother language is in fact more important than we realize. Several studies have conducted that our cognitive and intellectual development is significantly faster and better in our mother tongue compared to a second language. When we think about it, our first language helps to form the direction of our thoughts and feelings, something a second language can never achieve.  Basically, our mother language makes us who we are to a certain extent.

    It is also established that the more fluent in and aware of our mother language we are, the easier it is to acquire a new one. The business world is largely dominated by English, which of course is amazing because it is the perfect way to expand and develop international connections, but the mother language also plays an important role. It is a direct and very strong connection to the culture, and it keeps it alive. Often companies research their business partners’ culture for a closer and better understanding of the overall values.

    Working on an international level with Lyconet

    Lyconet has always the best interest of the Lyconet Marketers and provides limitless potential for impeccable business development on an international level. Therefore, it continuously works on supplying its Marketers with the most detailed information and updates both in their mother language and in English. Lyconet’s Media Center is every Marketer’s personal library and there they can find the needed information in their native tongue.

    Working on an international level doesn’t necessarily mean that the communication should be held in English only. As mentioned above, the mother language is important for international businesses since the meaning can be often lost in translation. English can’t always convey the same core message as the source language. That is why everyone feels most confident when receiving information in their mother language.

    2021 and Lyconet’s crucial international achievements

    2021 was an important milestone for Lyconet since it held three phenomenal online events for the first time on such a scale, namely the Lyconet Online Sensations. The last one was translated into 27 languages including sign language, free of charge of course. Lyconet’s events are the best way to transmit the right information and new updates to all Marketers and everyone interested in the business. That’s why it is important for Lyconet that everyone can understand the concept of the business model and feel comfortable thanks to their language during the event.

    In August 2021, Lyconet welcomed Russia as the 55th country that joined the business community. And a couple of months before that, Albania, Kosovo, and Ukraine have joined as well. But why that might be of great importance to you? The answer is simple – firstly, more business opportunities for you to take your business on another level. Secondly, the four languages of the respective countries have been included in the communication as well. It goes without saying that it will be taken care of every new country and language that is yet to come in the future, as Lyconet cherishes multilingualism and considers the importance of the mother tongue.

    “We breathe in our first language and swim in our second.”

    Adam Gopnik

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