Happy International Mother Earth Day

    On 22 April 2022, International Mother Earth Day is celebrated again. This year’s theme is “Invest in our planet” – an appeal to all of us to take care of our earth.

    It is never too late for a positive change

    You for sure know this feeling too: Your Lyconet Business or your children need your full attention at the moment and yet, subliminally, you have the nagging feeling that you have forgotten something, something important. That is what seems to be happening to the whole world right now.

    But in the background – we all know it –, a no less significant task is waiting to be coped with. A task that should not be forgotten under any circumstances: To overcome the climate crisis. People can already feel the increasing global warming around the world. Periods of droughts cause entire harvests to fail, storms and floods leave a trail of devastation that is getting bigger and bigger, and the diversity of species declines rapidly. The entire ecosystem of our planet is groaning under the pressure of climate change.

    The global community gets going slowly, climates summits come and go without much change, and climate targets fall prey to more urgent economic or political measures again and again.

    Is it already too late to change course? No, but time is short! And therefore, it is extremely important that International Mother Earth Day exists, which reminds us of that over and over again.

    A special day for our planet

    The Earth truly deserves its own special day. Already in 1970, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson initiated a campaign day for Mother Earth to raise awareness, especially among young people, of the urgency of environmental and climate protection. By now, it has become an international event whose importance is constantly growing. Numerous organizations – such as the Greenfinity Foundation –, private environmentalists, and also companies from all over the world use the 22 April as an opportunity to point to urgent environmental topics with sustained actions.

    For a better future

    We have to master the climate crisis, that is for sure. But how shall this work? We all know the argument: I alone can do nothing. That is true. Therefore, the message of this year’s International Earth Day is: Only if we combine forces to revive the health of our planet altogether, we can do this. Then also future generations can find livable environmental conditions on our planet. And that is, after all, what we wish our children.

    To fight for a better future? To connect with the world and to work together towards a goal, according to the motto “Together we are strong”? To be honest: Who could do that better than the Lyconet community? This is exactly the basis of our business, our strength. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and do something good for Mother Earth!

    The Greenfinity Foundation has many good ideas for that – from building a well in the driest region of Bahia to the compensation of its own environmental footprint. You can find more information here: Let’s do it!

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