Happy International Happiness Day

    On 20 March, we celebrate the International Day of Happiness! Happiness is a broad concept, and its meaning is very hard to pinpoint. What makes it so complex is that it is abstract, and every individual understands and feels it differently than others.  

    Very often people discuss the topics of happiness and success as if they overlap, and to a certain point, that might be true. Usually, people believe that either happiness leads to success or that success creates happiness. Both concepts are correct because – as mentioned above – it is a very personal feeling, but we have to consider two facts: The first is that focusing on one’s own happiness may be a better strategy for success than believing happiness will follow success. And second, happiness may be more related to our own mindset and lifestyle choices than to the outcome of a specific profession, for example. 

    Yes, success may create happiness, but there are too many examples to dismiss the notion entirely. Several studies have proven that happy people are more likely to be confident, positive, and optimistic and therefore succeed when they give their best. That means that it is more effective to first focus on creating happiness and values in your own life, rather than believing it is somewhere down the road and attached to a big career or financial goal, in a word: success. 

    “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” 

    Herman Cain 

    Happiness is a work ethic 

    Some people need to change their formula for success. If they prioritize happiness, it will raise the success rates, but it is also something that actually requires effort. It requires training and it requires us to be able to focus our attention on how to achieve success.  

    Lyconet shares this point of view. As it offers limitless opportunities to its Marketers all around the world, it also gives them the freedom and the flexibility to grow and enjoy their Career paths.  

    Have a look at the success stories of some Lyconet Marketers who managed to master the balance between success and happiness, such as Ralph Schmidts and Zoran Vitanov.

    If people have more role models who mastered being happy with their personal and professional life, the atmosphere and the motivation will surpass all expectations. It is fascinating how different, but at the same time similar, the notions of happiness and success can be. But it is important to be aware that both are possible if you work hard and follow your heart! 

    The success is millions of small steps on regular basis for a long period, there is no shortcut!

    Zoran Vitanov

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