Happy International Day of Families

    As a Lyconet Marketer, you are part of something bigger, a member of the global Lyconet and myWorld family. That is why the International Day of Families on 15 May has a special meaning for us. It is the ideal occasion to celebrate the family and its values – and to support those families who are not as well off as we are.

    The family has many aspects. In addition to the classic father-mother-child structure, today we encounter more and more single parents, patchwork families, and rainbow families. But family ties can also develop beyond blood relations, for example among close friends or business partners, among Lyconet Marketers and their organization.

    Wherever we look, we encounter family structures. The Corona pandemic has done its part to bring the family into the greater focus of our attention. Home office and home-schooling have led many of us to spend more time with family and think about their value. Family – what does it mean to us personally? What is its place in our lives, in our society, and what do we need to change so that families all over the world have a future?

    A day for the family

    These are precisely the questions that those responsible at the United Nations have asked themselves. In 1994, they, therefore, proclaimed the first International Day of Families, which has since been celebrated every year on 15 May and is accompanied by a colorful range of family events at a national and international level. The common goal is to raise awareness of the needs and hardships of families among decision-makers and the public.

    Because one thing is clear: the value of family for each individual and for society cannot be overlooked. It provides support and security, it is the breeding ground for the upcoming generation, the forge of its core values. Solid family associations are the basic building block of a solid society, which must be promoted and protected.

    Many families need our help

    Many of us know the challenges of everyday family life all too well. Whether it’s a Lyconet business or an office job, it’s not always easy to balance work and family. The demands on working parents are constantly increasing, especially those with single parents. More and more often, financial worries and the fear of unemployment overshadow everyday life.

    In other countries, families often have to deal with different problems. Especially in developing and emerging countries, poverty forces many parents to take drastic steps. It’s not uncommon for children to be abandoned or forced to work to supplement the family budget and unable to attend school. As a result, they not only lose part of their childhood but also a possible way out of poverty. The Corona pandemic has only further escalated this situation.

    International Day of Families is an inspiration for all of us to support these families. The only question is how? The simplest and most efficient way is to support the Child & Family Foundation, with which Lyconet has been collaborating for many years. Its aid and education projects give young people in need and their families renewed prospects for the future, and hope for a better life. To find out how you can donate or – even better – sponsor an education, click here:

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