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    Environmental protection is as diverse as we are! There is yet so much to do, but every single action counts, because our planet wants to grow old, just as we do. That is why we should keep our negative impact on the environment as low as possible.

    For this reason, the Greenfinity Foundation aims to create a world in which environmental protection is part of our everyday life. In accordance with the motto “Together for our world. A future together.”, the foundation supports measures for effective climate protection, the preservation of natural habitats and the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

    The Greenfinity Foundation has already implemented more than 90 projects in 22 countries – and many of them only thanks to the strong support of the Lyconet Community!

    Every year, Lyconet Marketers show their generosity and continue to go above and beyond. At the Elite Seminar in 2019 alone, an incredible 1.26 million euros were donated to the Child & Family Foundation and the Greenfinity Foundation.

    Your commitment is needed!
    Without the generous commitment of the Lyconet Community, none of this would have been possible and the Greenfinity Foundation team would like to thank everyone for every single donation made. If you want to make a contribution to a better world, Lyconet willreward you with Green Points for your career!

    Click here to learn more about the projects and donation possibilities at

    Facts & Figures

    • More than 90 projects in 22 countries, over 50 Greenfinity Days
    • More than 16,000 beneficiaries and 1,900 volunteers worldwide
    • Reduction of carbon footprint: over 930 km2

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