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    It’s a fact that our daily routine can be very stressful and finding the perfect balance is the key to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. The topic of a balanced life has become one of the most discussed subjects on Social Media, but exactly what does that mean? Many people may consider balance to be a sensible ratio of work and free time, however, it is slightly more complicated than that. True balance comes from within and it is deeply rooted in our self-care practices. For you as a Marketer, in particular, it is crucial to find a healthy and balanced routine in order to remain focused and motivated as well as physically fit while climbing the ladder to success. After all we only have one body and it is important to take good care of it, success without physical health cannot be enjoyed. 

    Boost your Health with ONESENSE 

    ONESENSE is determined to improve the quality of your everyday life and to help you find the perfect balance. To do so, they take their inspiration from nature’s most valuable treasures and use the best raw materials for their products which are free from any artificial additives. If you have already seen the Lyconet Online Sensation April Edition, you might know that Organic+ announced their successful rebranding to ONESENSE. Changing the brand name was the final step in their transition to a new strategy and philosophy, which is now more focused on the creation of beauty and lifestyle products. ONESENSE has a vast range of supplements with the sole purpose of strengthening their clients’ health. 

    Your Daily Dose of Power and Balance with ONESENSE Alkaline Shot

    ONESENSE’s brand new Alkaline Shot consists of three minerals, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12. Combined with the right alkaline-rich diet, the fruity drink can substantially reduce levels of hyperacidity. It is crucial for our health to maintain a balanced acid-alkaline level because excessive acidity slows down the natural process of digestion and acids absorption. Our body starts to store acid in different areas of the body, which could lead to a number of unwanted health problems. Next to being a sustainable and gentle solution for hyperacidity, the Alkaline Shot can boost energy, strengthen the immune system, and increase the metabolism.  

    Some Tipps for you!

    Finding the perfect balance is a very personal and different experience for everyone, however, some rules apply to everyone. Our tips on how to stay fit and balanced are: 

    • Keep your mind peaceful and calm – find some time for reading and meditation 
    • Take good care of your body – sport and time spent in nature will do the trick 
    • Pay close attention to your nutrition – take your vitamins and minerals regularly  


    Balance isn’t something you achieve “someday”.

    NICK Vujicic


    Boost your health and your career now!  

    Visit and find out more about and their brand-new products. Stay healthy!

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