Escape the horror of Monday

    If you are not working on weekends, it is likely that the alarm clock not being set off on Saturday mornings is one of the best feelings for you!

    Some of us have a love-hate relationship with Mondays. Yes – for most of us it is the start of a new week, a new beginning filled with new opportunities, but for many the pros end here. Having the Monday blues is a common social phenomenon and scientists have a logical explanation for it. The contrast between Sunday and Monday is drastic. Most of us enjoy Sundays at a slow pace. We take time for our family, friends, sport, and self-care. On Mondays on the other hand, the fast speed, the big to-do list, and the upcoming weekly projects are awaiting us. If someone does not have a job that is completely fulfilling him, facing Monday is even harder. In that case, the Monday mood crawls in already on Sunday night.

    How to escape that feeling if you are someone who starts the working week on Mondays? Firstly, try to fix your mindset. Mondays can be seen as a new day full of pleasant surprises. Try to remember what you are grateful for and your big “Why” in order to start the week with positivity.  Secondly, try to prepare your to-do list for the upcoming week early enough to avoid potential chaos that might ruin your mood. Try to concentrate only on your Monday tasks and try to not let the thoughts of the weekly workload overwhelm you. In case you are not happy with your job, consider changing it. Find something that excites you and that you are looking forward to doing every day. Find something that will allow you to decide how to organize your weekly workload, the number of hours, and on which days to work or have off. If that sounds intriguing, Lyconet is the perfect fit for you!

    With Lyconet, you can craft your own schedule

    Lyconet’s vision is to make people successful, and therefore it gives you the opportunity of being an entrepreneur and in charge of your life and your time, while still having a community and a global Organization to back you up and guide you along your path. 

    It does not mean that you will not need to devote your time and work hard, but you will reap the rewards from every moment you put into your business. You can decide for yourself how much time and energy you wish to dedicate, knowing that your benefits will match the work you have devoted to the process. You can work from anywhere, and the more your Organization grows – the more possibilities you will have. You can decide on which days of the week you want to work and how many hours a day you are willing to invest. You will be your own boss and absolutely control the order and the length of your projects. If you feel like having a long weekend from time to time – nothing can stop you. If you have severe Monday blues, you will have the chance to postpone and catch up whenever you feel more productive. Also, you will be able to choose whom to work with. And, last but not least: You will have the opportunity to escape the horror of Monday!

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