Eric Worre’s three golden rules for success

    During the last Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition, we had the honor to host the one and only Eric Worre. Known for his brilliant coaching, mentorship, and high level of professionalism, Eric Worre always has some valuable tricks up his sleeve to share with everyone interested in the business. According to him, to succeed as a Marketer, you have all the right tools and support from Lyconet. To make the most out of it and improve yourself, you should take advantage of his mastermind coaching. Here are 3 rules that might help you on your path to success: 

    1. Invest in yourself  

    One of Worre’s rules, if not the most valuable one, is to invest in yourself. That is the biggest breakthrough regarding his career. He was struggling with keeping the same team, waiting for his upline to help him or simply someone to show him how to become the person he needed to be. But eventually, he realized that: 

     “The only real asset I can control was me. If I got better, my business would improve. If I got better, I would attract more customers. If I got better, I could help other people do the same. I was the asset”.

    He listened to a personal development audio program that changed his perspective. What he took from it was that the change starts with you and he did anything possible to change and improve his approach. Soon after, he noticed his own progress.   

    His advice to all Lyconet Marketers is to invest in themselves by leveraging every company resource they can find, such as attending an event, reading books, listening to a training program, or watch videos. According to him, Lyconet has plenty to offer: 

     “Lyconet and everything it does is phenomenal, but it’s up to you to unlock its potential with improving yourself.”  

    Eric Worre urges you as a Marketer, to put into practice everything you have learned. He suggests practicing until you become who you want to be. Do not get discouraged by getting stuck, just go out there and use all the gained knowledge. 

    “Learn to collect resources. That is the biggesr shortcut in the world!” – Eric Worre 

    2. Create the right environment 

    The second golden rule to success is to create your own environment. That means to change your mindset. Eric Worre very often tackles the topic of the entrepreneurial mindset and he finds it to be drastically different from the one of an employee. Entrepreneurs work with passion and are eager to create and contribute to the lives of others. Employees are usually waiting for an assignment or to be told what to do, unlike entrepreneurs, who take responsibility. His advice is to do anything possible to learn how to think like an entrepreneur and surround themselves with like-minded inspiring people. Sometimes that is not that easy, according to Worre.He shares that entrepreneurs are very often misunderstood by their family, friends and community. His tip is not to look for the right environment, but rather create one. It is up to you to find the perfect mentors and learn from them and therefore build your perfect team.  

    To hear more about it, you can watch the Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition on demand! 

    3. Take action now 

    The third golden rule is to simply walk away from tomorrow and take action now. Eric has plenty of experience with the notion of tomorrow. In his YouTube Video Walking Away From Tomorrow he says that it might be a very tricky concept that people rely on: “I will do that tomorrow, next week, after the weekend, when the new month starts, etc. ….”.  In other words, tomorrow becomes a symbol of procrastination. He encourages everyone to move the action from tomorrow to right now. Not even today – now, because you will start having results only from your actions.   

    In conclusion, all of Eric Worre’s secret ingredients to the recipe for success come back to you and your will to grow and develop. Lyconet offers you the perfect support, tools and infrastructure, but at the end of the day, only you are in control of your own success. 


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