Eric Worre: “Don’t be a tourist in this kind of business”

    Coming live from Las Vegas to the Lyconet Online Sensation: the incomparable network marketing pro Eric Worre! No one else can deliver such impactful input on establishing your own business and having success as a Lyconet Marketer! We managed to ask Eric Worre a few more questions off stage- here are his most inspiring quotes.

    Why network marketing?
    “If you go for Lyconet, decide to be a professional – don’t be a tourist in this kind of business.”

    “If you make the decision to go to the top – it’s worth it. It’s not only worth for the people you’re going to help or the lives you’re able to touch. The main point, why it’s worth it, is because it will force you to become a better version of yourself.”

    “Your paycheck is a reflection of how many people you’re helping – in order to grow that paycheck, you need to grow. And in growing yourself, you can also help other people to grow.”

    Why is network marketing the business of the future?
    “People are craving for the ability to work and earn from home – and that’s exactly what Lyconet has to offer: how to go and grow a business from home.”

    What is so special about an online event like the Lyconet Online Sensation?
    “With Lyconet we have the ability to reach the whole world by utilizing technology.”

    Why should people be part of the Lyconet Online Sensation?
    “I will tell you why: For the fun, for the learning, for the growth, for the inside information, for getting a bigger vision, to leverage your team – this thing is going to be really, really special and everyone needs to attend.”

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