Equality, reducing inequalities, advancing human rights

    Human Rights Day is annually held on the 10th of December and it is an internationally celebrated day aiming to uphold human rights. This day is a constant reminder of ending discrimination, fighting poverty, and protecting victims of human rights violations. This year’s Human Rights Day theme relates to Equality and reminds us that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

    What exactly is planned for this very special year to make a difference?

    Whether it’s breaking poverty cycles, ensuring equal opportunities amongst young people, eradicating vaccine injustice, or working towards climatic equality between the Global North and Global South – the United Nations has got plenty on its to-do list. And rightly so! The third decade of the twenty-first century is raising questions at every turn. Health is certainly one of the topics we keep returning to again and again. The American writer Augusten Burroughs once said:

    “When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.”

    This quote is always accurate and shows that health is our greatest asset. We at Lyconet share this belief too, and so does the Child & Family Foundation, with which we work together very closely.

    Education and health as fundamental rights

    Human rights comprise the fundamental rights of freedoms to which all of us are entitled. They should guarantee the rights of each and every individual, everywhere around the globe, no matter their gender or their nationality. Lyconet Marketers in cooperation with the Child & Family Foundation want to provide for everybody one of the most fundamental human rights: The right to receive an education. Yet, this right is still not a reality for millions of people, and it is violated every single day. However, the right measures can make the difference. Thus, the Child & Family Foundation carries out festive projects that are centred around education and health in a community. Such projects make sure that every child, for example from a remote little school in the Romanian region of Maramures, receives a Christmas present this year. In addition, the Child & Family Foundation has also just provided every carer working at the social welfare organization Diakonie Austria and all medical staff of the Red Cross Vorarlberg with an immune-system booster – the famous ONESENSE All-in-One drink. By supporting local communities, the Child & Family Foundation sends out a strong symbol of hope to those who go out each day to help save lives in challenging times like these.

    If you as a Marketer also want to make sure that our world will become more equal now and in the long run, and if you want to give something back to society, take part in the Child & Family Foundation donation campaigns or launch your own fundraising campaign:

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