Do you work to live or live to work?

    All people are different, so are their work ethics. Some love their job, some see it as a necessity, and some as passion. But it is a universal fact that the job is a crucial part of everyone’s life.

    Many people struggled at least one time with career choices. Even as children some of them faced the social pressure of the “right career choice”. Some children are discouraged if they express interest in arts, but others meet approval after saying per se that they want to be lawyers or doctors. But why? Certain positions are associated with wealth, financial stability, and respect, whereas others with low income and, therefore, less prestige.

    Nowadays the focus has slightly shifted towards a healthier and more balanced work-life, but the topic of career choices remains never out of fashion. At some point, we must be honest with ourselves and ask do I work to live or live to work? First, what do those expressions mean? Work to live means seeing a job as a source of income but disassociating it from doing something one is passionate about.  Live to work, on the other hand, might mean that a person perceives working as the one and only objective in life, ignoring the journey towards one’s milestones. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind, that life is a collection of moments including those with family and friends, but also those spend working toward one’s business vision.  

    The key to a healthy and successful life is balance

    Neither of the two above-mentioned options are necessarily bad, but people should be aware that a job is just a part of life and should not dictate it but boost individual growth. As social beings, people need interaction with their loved ones, they need to rest and recharge, they need to experience positive changes in order to develop but that demands some time away from work.

    Many studies have attested that if someone enjoys what they do and approach a task with a positive mindset, they will probably succeed in it. Opposed to that, being forced to do something they dislike, can significantly affect their mental and even physical health.

    “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

    – Steve Jobs

    The secret of being good at what you do professionally is your passion, interest, and inner drive. Your career should charge you with energy, develop your thought process and creativity. When you think about it, you spend more time at work than with your friends. A balanced job should not only motivate you towards achieving your milestones but also ease you to combine what you love most with what is important to you.  This might not always be easy, on the contrary, you might struggle to find the right balance. However, if you love what you do, you can learn from any type of difficulty, overcome whatever is thrown at you, and succeed.

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