Discover the business of Merchant Marketers

    Most are not aware of the fact that Lyconet Merchant Marketers are an important pillar in the Lyconet business. They, of course, motivate shoppers to be a part of Cashback World and inspire others to build up their very own business and create their shopping network by becoming a Lyconet Marketer. Both shoppers and Marketers receive Cashback & Shopping Points for their purchases at a Cashback World Partner – this is where the Merchant Marketers step onto the scene.  

    Merchant Marketers explain the business and the advantages of the Cashback World Partner Program to interested business owners, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

    Let’s talk about the business 

    Of course, the activity as a Merchant Marketer requires a special skill set. That is why CRO Lyconet International AG Herbert Teissel, also known as the guru of SMEs, has decided to start a webinar series on this special topic – the Merchant Marketer Talk

     “I want to share all the secrets on how to sell our Cashback World Partner Programs with you. I will give you the skills and tools to boost your career like never before. Whether you are a Merchant Marketer or a new Marketer, you should not miss it.”

    – Herbert Teissel, CRO Lyconet International  

    Tune in to learn more about the business of Merchant Marketers, the sales processes & of course SMEs in general. In addition, Herbert Teissel also invites Marketers who are active in this field as well as Loyalty Merchants from all around the world to his talks to provide a deeper understanding of the business. 

    Learn how you can multiply your income and boost your career even further.

    Merchant Marketer Talk now available 

    “Network marketing is your own business. You gotta say this is never-ending improvement for me and I’m hooked on this idea that I can become better and better!”

    – Tony Robbins

    Check out the first episode of the Merchant Marketer talk and invest in self-development.  


    What’s next? 

    The next Merchant Marketer Talk will be available as of 19 November 2020 for all Marketing+ users on webinarWorld platform. So, all Marketing+ users can make use of their personal invitation link and share the information with their team & people interested in the business.  

    You don’t have Marketing+ yet? Get it now in the Benefit Store & boost your business! 

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