Discover the benefits of the Benefit Store

    Are you able to find everything you will ever need in the Benefit Store of your country? If the answer to this question is no, then this Merchant Marketer Talk is a must-see for you. Should your answer be yes, then you will learn how to use this incredible asset to further your career.

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    How can you actively contribute to the success of the myWorld Benefit Store?

    The greater the variety of products the Benefit Store offers, the more people will want to shop there. When our customers can purchase everything, they need on a daily basis, in the Benefit store while receiving SP, why would they shop anywhere else? Remember that we are stronger together and that everyone will benefit when new Merchants join the team and add products to the Benefit Store. In this Merchant Marketer Talk Herbert Teissel, CRO of Lyconet International shares tips on how to achieve this and how it will benefit your career.

    The Benefit Store as Marketing Material

    Whether you are approaching a new potential Merchant or are inspiring inactive Merchants to an active participation, a Benefit Store with a wide range of products can be a powerful marketing tool. Learn how to present the Benefit Store for the purpose of motivating Merchants and encouraging them to actively participate and take advantage of this risk-free opportunity.

    This month we would also like to introduce you to some of our most captivating Merchant Marketers. They all have their own individual methods and priorities, but their goal is always to make people successful. Allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity of our interviewees.

    Steven Witkam

    Steven is from the Netherlands, a small but beautiful and very advanced county. With more than 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he was able to instantly recognise the potential and the wide-reaching benefits of Lyconet. As a Merchant, he has a unique insight into how best to approach other Merchants. Learn from this experienced and professional Merchant Marketer, by watching his informative interview.

    Dino Andrei & Anisora Tifui

    Dino and Anisora joined Lyconet on the 8th of January 2014, a date which changed their lives forever. Dino is especially grateful for the personal growth he and his partner have gained. He was born into the insurance industry but wanted to find his own way, away from his family’s legacy to prove to both himself and others what he could achieve. Anisora was born in Romania but has been living in Italy for the past 20 years. When she first arrived in Italy she worked as a babysitter and later as a waitress in a cocktail bar. It didn’t take her long to become the manager of this bar, but this also meant long and tiring hours. When Dino told her about Lyconet, she instantly saw the potential. This power couple has created a highly successful team, you can find out how when watching the full interview.

    Johan Du Plessis

    Johan lives in South Africa, a country in which merchants are always looking for new and innovative ways to maintain close contact to their customers. He spent several months getting to really know and understand the business as a Marketer before becoming a Merchant Marketer. As a result he is able to approach merchants with an in-depth knowledge of the product he is presenting to them, a product which he is fully committed to. With the well-being and personal success of each and every Merchant in mind, he is a genuine and trustworthy man, who fully supports his team. To learn more about his approach and how he has tailored his presentation to the unique South African market, you can watch the full interview here.

    Matthew Swansen

    Matthew is from the most famous city in the world, New York City. Though many people dream of living in this city, he didn’t hesitate when he was asked to move to Miami to make a difference. As the head of SME for the United States he has personally trained hundreds of Merchant Marketers. Watch the full interview and let yourself be inspired by his loyalty and his hands-on approach.

    Matti Hirvonen

    Matti was born in the countryside of Finland and has always been a hard worker. With an impressive resume spanning from military and peace corps service over sales to the most challenging job of all, being a father and grandfather, he has a lot of wisdom to share with the world. He is a charismatic and captivating man who believes in following a process which is sure to lead to success. The full interview is now available for you to enjoy.

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