Commitment and dedication – the success story of Gerry Seebacher

    Gerry Seebacher, a Marketer with one of the most extensive and long-standing careers at Lyconet. He has reached the Presidents Career Level 8.1. To truly understand the magnitude of his achievement you need to consider the radical change in career which let him to this point. Starting out as a music teacher he soon gained recognition as a professional musician. However, this did not stop him from seizing the opportunity, Lyconet offered him, to go on an entrepreneurial journey. No matter how much his career has changed or how successful he has become, his ultimate goal has never changed:

    “To work with an audience and make them happy”

    In the past his music would make people happy. Today he does so, by assisting others to achieve the same level of success he has reached.

    How it started

    Gerry´s success with Lyconet started back in 2007. Having been born into a family of musicians, it was inevitable that he himself would become a music teacher and later a successful musician. He started his career as a music teacher at a school where he taught children, however, it was not long before he realised that his personality and drive did not resonate with this traditional type of job. At the age of 20 he had the courage to leave his old life behind and embark on a new journey. Together with 5 of his friends he formed a Band with which he travelled to the USA. Before long his passion for music started to fade and as he is a man driven by passion this meant that he no longer wished to further peruse this career path ether. This was the moment when he discovered Lyconet and he began his journey to become one of the most successful Marketers. As one of the first people to peruse this type of business model, Gerry had to show both courage and determination. But his vision kept him going, even during the hard times.

    A school in his honour

    No matter how successful he has become, the importance of giving back to the community has and always will be a priority for Gerry. One of his biggest dreams, was to create opportunities for disadvantaged children. On the 9th of November 2018, his commitment to this cause was honoured when a school in the Eastern Cape of South Africa was dedicated to him.

    Nobel peace prize winner and former South African president Nelson Mandela was dedicated to educating young minds. It is common knowledge that he was a lawyer, however few people know that his journey to becoming one of the most iconic figures in history, began at the Qunu Junior Primary school. Once comprised of only one room this school was modernised under his presidency in 1996. In 2013, Gerry and the Child & Family Foundation funded the re-build of the school where over 200 young minds are formed, offering them possibilities they may otherwise not have had. Today the school is known as the Nelson Mandela No-Moscow Primary School and is dedicated to Gerry Seebacher. He is immensely proud that his name is displayed alongside the name Nelson Mandela.

    Check out the previous post about this great project and its achievements here.

    Importance of a team

    Having a team is important in all areas of life because you can always achieve more together, than on your own. Especially within the business world, having a team that you can rely on is a huge plus. Gerry knows the importance of a good team. He believes that his Career Level is the result of having an awesome team. But how do you build such a team?

    There are many ways to approach people in connection with your business. Gerry believes in building a team without the use of force. His approach is to let people come to him when they are interested. He loves to talk about his business as he is so passionate about it. This passion for what he does, automatically attracts people who have the same interests, therefor he never needs to convince people. Gerry’s secret of success is to love what he is doing. In his words:

    “It isn’t a business, it’s a passion”

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