Christian Moll – the man with no plan B

    Christian Moll – Lyconet Vice President  

    Recently Lyconet Presidents’ Team had the honor to welcome Christian Moll (Career Level 7 from Germany). His history with Lyconet began back in 2012 when a close friend of his invited him several times to an event. He describes the presentation he saw that day as very different from what the events offer now: ’’There was almost nothing- except a big vision: to become the biggest shopping community in the world! And I was fascinated by the idea’’.   

    The road so far  

    Christian started working as a self-employed at the age of 21 in consulting and mediation services. His ambition has always been to build his own business. At the age of 35, he felt discouraged and lost the passion for what he was doing and needed to focus his energy on something else – and this is where Lyconet came into his life.  

    Nevertheless, the path to the Presidents’ Team was challenging at some moments. He had to build his team from scratch four times, but that never discouraged him and his determination to succeed was unshattered. He was inspired by all possibilities that Lyconet offers and in his own words impressed by ’’Lyconet’s will to change the world’’. He also found inspiration in the vision of the company, his team and the irreplaceable leadership of his mentors in the organization. Throughout the years he found many people with similar interests who later became his best friends. He ’’loves the business’’ because it fulfills all his wishes. 

    The right mindset  

    Christian Moll has a very interesting perspective on success which undoubtedly is one of the factors that brought him where he is now. For him success is a decision, and, in his eyes, success is his one and only ’’happy ending’’. Everyone creates their own success by starting with a simple thought and then visualizing the end result.   

    As visualizing where you want to be is the first step, the second one, according to Christian, is to make a choice and stand consistently behind it:

    “There are no right or wrong choices in life. There are only choices you make and choices you don’t make.”

    Christian Moll

    His advice to all Marketers is to embrace the path they chose, let themselves be inspired and trust their gut feeling. For him, there is no such thing as a ’’plan B’’. He simply does not give up until he reaches his goal.  

    Christian relies on his determination and positive thinking. He tries to implement sports, meditation and reading into his routine, which helps him maintain his strength and health. After all, having the right mindset is the key to your success. He says that if you feel stuck for a while, that is a certain sign that you should change your mindset.  

    For the better future  

    Christian’s positive thinking and hard work will never end. His plan for the future is to have his own school and create a team of 10 000+ Leaders, who can achieve financial independence with Lyconet and represent Career Level 8.8. 

    If the story of Christian Moll inspires you, you might consider that you might be the next in line. All you must do in his words is stay behind your decision because:

    Success is doing!

    Christian Moll

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