Cheers to another successful year

    What is the best part of a year ending? Of course, the resume of everything good that has happened! Let’s dive into the most memorable Lyconet milestones of 2021.  

    Throwback 2021

    The start of this year was marked by the Lyconet Online Sensation, which turned out to be an absolute success. Lyconet Marketers and prospects got new insights thanks to inspiring success stories and speeches by the best in the business, such as Eric Worre, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant. Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet and Hubert Freidl, Founder, shared the fantastic incentives and news of what 2021 has in store and they definitely did not disappoint us. Also, we had the honor to welcome some new countries that joined Lyconet, such as Ukraine, Cyprus, Albania, Kosovo and Russia. 

    This spectacular event was so monumental that another two Lyconet Online Sensations were held in April and July. The Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition in Greece left us all speechless! It was hosted by Lyconet’s partner EliteClub and took place on the premises of its exclusive villa in Thessaloniki. Although these events were broadcast virtually, they united thousands of motivated people worldwide to follow their dreams.  

    Lyconet was more than happy to offer an incredible incentive event, such as the Lyconet Presidents Council, which was also the first live event this year. It took place in the French Riviera known as Côte d’Azur. There, the @media box was presented for the very first time, and all Lyconet Presidents had the amazing opportunity to be part of this first-hand information about the innovative product. The city of Cannes, in all its glory, welcomed the Presidents Council participants and became their home for two days.  

    Speaking of the exotic Mediterranean flair, we were back in beautiful and sunny Greece, where the marvelous Lyconet Star Cruise took place. Marketers, who completed the Lyconet Star Cruise Challenges had the chance to be on board. The journey started in Athens and went through the breathtaking islands of Paros, Mykonos, Santorini and Hydra. The six days were filled with amazing speeches, and the participating Marketers had the opportunity to get to know each other and share passionate ideas about their future. 

    A great incentive event took place in the mecca of business – Dubai –, where a small group of Marketers awaited not only a memorable scenery but also speeches concerning a range of topics, which allowed them to discover new perspectives as well as to break through conventional thought patterns. Mario Kapun himself kicked off this event with a keynote on the latest updates and news regarding the Lyconet business model.  

    One of the biggest highlights of 2021 is the innovative @media box. A phenomenal first-ever Tech Summit was organized by @media to present the @media box to participating Lyconet Marketers. The event took place in the Polish capital of Warsaw and all participants who were curious about this device had the unique opportunity to experience this revolutionary product first hand.  

    New features   

    This year, Lyconet has not only organized marvelous events and trainings but also managed to launch exceptional features. Marketers can achieve more with the right tools, thus, Lyconet launched the remarkable Media Center, the Hall of Fame and the completely updated Lyconet app. The Lyconet app is an absolute must-have for all Marketers and a perfect match to the myWorld app and travelWorld app.  

    Download the Lyconet app here: iOS, Android 

    What better way to honor Marketers than by creating a Hall of Fame especially for them? A place where they can be presented to the world not only as an inspiration but also as examples from whom everyone can learn. And most importantly, the Media Center: It is your one-stop location for anything you could possibly need for your daily activities as a Marketer. But the advantages do not end here, a large amount of the material available can be accessed in a number of different languages.    


    Lyconet is very proud of its partnerships with myWorld, travelWorld and the EliteClub. myWorld thrives to build the biggest shopping community, travelWorld provides the best travel experiences, and the EliteClub offers its members a range of exclusive deals for special prices. This year the first-ever myWorld Keynote took place and Sharif Omar, CEO myWorld International, announced the latest innovations the myWorld team is working on. With their brand-new feature, the myWorld Shopping List, you can design and edit personalized shopping lists directly in the myWorld app or on your desktop. Your shopping lists will synchronize automatically, and you will always have the current version of your shopping list with you.  

    Ending the year with a bang  

    So now that the year is coming to an end, we want to end it with a bang! In order to close the year on a strong note, Lyconet and its partners are constantly developing new products and specials in order to not only offer the marketers unbeatable specials to boost their Careers but also to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable for their Organization. 

    A challenging, but also exciting year is coming to and we are looking forward to what the year 2022 has to offer. We are starting strong with the Lyconet Online Sensation Winter Edition in January. So, get ready and keep the successful momentum going! 

    Enjoy the selected highlight moments from 2021!

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