World Earth Day 2021

    Today is Word Earth Day! Let's honor this special day by joining forces with the Greenfinity Foundation and help plant as many trees as possible!  A call to action  What began as...

    A School in Need of Help

    Have you been part of the Lyconet Community long enough that you can still remember the construction of the solar-powered well for the Amina Zwindila Foundation School in 2017? Back then, dedicated Lyconet Marketers...

    Uniting for our Planet

    The Greenfinity Foundation and its supporters share the vison to create a healthy and sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. A future in which man...

    International Day of Education – a day to celebrate?

    The International Day of Education is a day which should celebrate the availability and accessibility of education in the modern-day world. In many parts...

    A special gift for an outstanding team

    Do you have the best team in the world? They have done an exceptionally good job in this challenging year and you would like to take this Christmas as an opportunity to express your appreciation for their incredible performance? Don’t worry, we have just the thing for you.

    This Christmas I would like to make a difference

    Christmas is a time where we think about our loved ones. We prepare everything for the perfect Christmas eve. We think about the perfect presents, bake cookies and get very emotional when we see the kids wide-eyed in front of the Christmas tree. But this image, that is in our mind, is not a given. Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a Christmas that many of us are used to.

    Sustainability and success: the impact CSR has on your career

    Generosity makes a difference: a good CSR strategy not only has a positive impact on the environment and society but can also become a USP for your career.

    Become a social hero!

    With your social engagement, you can help disadvantaged children, youth and families around the world!

    G like GREEN(FINITY)

    Environmental protection is no easy feat, but it is a vital one. That is why the importance of this topic should definitely be kept in mind. Read below how we approach to do better every day.

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