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    Equality, reducing inequalities, advancing human rights

    Human Rights Day is annually held on the 10th of December and it is an internationally celebrated day aiming to uphold human rights. This...

    World Children’s Day

    Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. When we refer to education, we’re referring to more than the ability to...

    International Desertification & Drought Day

    Two of the CFF’s major school projects are based in Tanzania, Shimbwe Chini and Sia Shimbwe Primary Schools. The children who go to these...

    Happy World Children’s Day

    Today we celebrate World Children’s Day and we thought we would take this opportunity to get in touch with the Child & Family Foundation...

    International Day of Education – a day to celebrate?

    The International Day of Education is a day which should celebrate the availability and accessibility of education in the modern-day world. In many parts...

    This Christmas I would like to make a difference

    Christmas is a time where we think about our loved ones. We prepare everything for the perfect Christmas eve. We think about the perfect presents, bake cookies and get very emotional when we see the kids wide-eyed in front of the Christmas tree. But this image, that is in our mind, is not a given. Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a Christmas that many of us are used to.

    Become a social hero!

    With your social engagement, you can help disadvantaged children, youth and families around the world!

    Selfless and determined – the success story of Mario Oreggia

    Mario Oreggia is one of the world’s most successful network marketers. With hard work, self discipline and grand visions, the internationally active businessman has...

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