Why is self-esteem important for business

    In today's fast-paced society, having a talent, good education, enough capability, or knowledge in a specific area is sometimes not enough to help you...

    Work smarter, not harder!

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”? Have you been taught what it really means? Several studies claim that it was...

    Ralph Schmidts – the man who strives to be the change in other people’s lives

    We are thrilled to welcome Ralph Schmidts (Career Level 7, from Germany) to our Lyconet Presidents Team! Ralph was born and raised close to...

    How to work smart

    We are so lucky and proud to work with the outstanding visionary, Eric Worre.  Eric Worre is an expert in his field. His best-selling book,...

    Network marketing at the highest level

    Lyconet revolves around the world of shopping. You might me wondering how a Lyconet Marketer can earn money through shopping? Good question! And we have the answer!

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