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    Never before have Shopping Benefits such as Cashback and Shopping Points been so important for so many people as they are today. A community that supports one another, brings people together and works together on a bigger vision is the best way to get through these uncertain times safely. The Cashback World’s focus lies on helping even more people save money and attract more customers to local small and middle-sized businesses. Because together we are strong and the strength of this community helps everyone.

    Clever shopping with one click
    The Cashback World has long been one of the most important go-to places for those who want to shop smart. But now there is so much more to discover to help you collect Cashback and Shopping Points while shopping.

    With just one click you are brought to the online platforms and travelWorld, sparking joy with even more diverse products and offers with Shopping Benefits. At Shoppers get Cashback on millions of products, whereas travelWorld offers enthusiastic travellers hundreds of thousands of hotels around the globe at the best prices – and Cashback with every booking made, of course. Now more than ever, when everyone must think about life’s challenges and where saving money plays a big role, Cashback World places even more value on offering its community a great selection with even better prices.

    Even more savings in the Benefit Store
    That is why Cashback World has launched the Benefit Store. Its offers will continually be expanded and, after its start phase, will present an even larger selection of products and services in which Benefit Vouchers and Shopping Points can be used to greatly reduce the purchase price. That way the community has even more opportunities to save while shopping.

    Regarding Benefit Vouchers: As a Lyconet Marketer, you can now pass these on to your team and your Shoppers so that they can profit from reduced prices while shopping.

    The community chooses its own partners
    So that there are even more possibilities to collect Cashback and Shopping Points in the future, Shoppers can now use the Cashback app to recommend companies that they would like to see as new Cashback World Partners. This way, not only does our Partner network grow, but also the network of businesses where our Shoppers like to shop. In addition, when they collect Cashback and Shopping Points there, the community’s strength has once again ensured that Shoppers can easily save more money and that a company has greater customer loyalty. In times like these, such things are priceless.

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