Building a regional structure of SMEs

    Building a regional infrastructure of SMEs is not only beneficial for the regional economy but also for you as a Merchant Marketer. Do you want to better understand the most important steps to consider when approaching SMEs? Thereby ensuring that the business owner you present this incredible opportunity to, receives the information required to build a strong business within myWorld.

    Are you wondering how to approach SMEs?

    In our brand-new Merchant Marketer Talk you will learn how to build a structure of SMEs in your region. Herbert Teissel provides detailed insights into the 8 crucial steps vital to successfully building your regional structure of SMEs. Questions such as, why to do it, how to do it, and many more are all covered in the talk.

    Building a regional infrastructure

    Building a regional infrastructure is not only very beneficial for yourself, but also the region and individual SMEs. This process requires hard work and time, but everyone benefits in the long run. Start with a company you already know and are therefore familiar with. This will allow you to achieve a perfect start from which to build a solid foundation. Once this has been accomplished, it is easy to share the benefits with other businesses since you have already gained valuable experience. Those who have already signed up to the myWorld Benefit Program, will slowly spread the information regarding the opportunities and benefits the program offers to other local businesses.  

    The more businesses who join the myWorld Benefit Program within a region, the more everyone can benefit from it: customers, merchants and you as a Lyconet Marketer.

    Successful Merchant Marketers from all around the world

    Herbert Teissel has prepared further exciting interviews with some successful Merchant Marketers for you.  

    Before Lyconet Roberta Elefante (Italy) was a bank employee. She left her job after 2 years with Lyconet. Today, she has registered 552 merchants, which makes her the Marketer with the largest number of registered merchants worldwide. Do you want to hear more about how she created her impressive shopping network? Check out her full interview.  

    Jean Paul Schoor is from Germany and grabbed the opportunity to maximise his success with LyconetHe is the owner of a senior care institution which he was able to expand with Lyconet. Learn more about his success as a Merchant Marketer here. 

    Holger Behrendt (Germany) is an owner of a company. Some years ago, he seized the moment to join Lyconet and promote his company around the world. In his interview, you can find out how Lyconet was the perfect solution for him and his business. 

    Natalia Beloni is from Estonia and has worked in real estate and finance. Her goal was to create a more global business and that’s how she discovered Lyconet. From that moment on she knew it was the perfect opportunity for her and her business. Check out how Lyconet helped her on her way to success here 

    These two remarkable people speak the same language but live in different parts of the world. Nicolas Martinez grew up in a very sporty family in Spain where he first aimed for a career in sports but then decided to change his profession and become a Lyconet Marketer. Hazel Del Fierro is also a very active Merchant Marketer in her region. However, her region is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Mexico. Do you want to learn more about how Lyconet provides the perfect solution to their businesses? Check out the full interview of Nicolas Martinez and Hazel Del Fierro to find out more. 

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    Building a regional structure of SMEs

    Building a regional infrastructure of SMEs is not only beneficial for the regional economy but also for you as a Merchant Marketer....

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