Black Friday – A Customer Loyalty Program Special in 22 countries

    November is coming to an end and Christmas is fast approaching. In America, this time of the year is annually heralded with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In Cashback World the equivalent Shopping Holiday “Cashb(l)ack Week” will last for extensive 8 days and will have a special impact on your customer loyalty program. 

    Extension of Benefits for your customers in Cashb(l)ack Week 

    When most known Loyalty Programs offer only one type of benefit to make shopping attractive for their customers, there’s a better option with Cashback World. Cashback World offers not only money back with every purchase but also Shopping Points that can be redeemed to profit from even more attractive and exclusive discounts. 

    During Cashb(l)ack Week from November 23rd to November 30th there’s a Shopping Special available that will boost the volume in your Shopping Network by multiple times. By online shopping with Cashback World, your customers and you will receive the doubled amount of the usual Cashback on top!*  

    You want to know in which countries you and your international Shoppers can make use and benefit of the Shopping Special? 

    Double Cashback is available in Austria, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, and Slovakia. 

    Welcome offer in times of social distancing

    This Online Shopping Special is highly welcome not only to enjoy Black Friday offers and prepare the first Christmas presents, but also to stay at home and be safe. Cashback World Partners will deliver to the front door, so your customers and you can stay at home with the family. On top, you can grow the shopping volume in your network. What’s a definite win for all parties. 

    * Purchases at are excluded. 

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