Bigger – better –stronger – Online Sensation April Edition

    Energetically bouncing into the upcoming months 

    As Mario Kapun already stated at previous events: “Events are the easiest way to explain our business”. However, they are not only the best way to illustrate the business but also to share news and updates with you! It is now time to prepare for the next Lyconet Online Sensation in April.

    Make sure not to miss the event! 

    The Lyconet Online Sensation is evolving, not only physically but also with regard to the content. Founder Hubert Freidl & Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet International, are going to provide you with information about the latest developments, the opportunities the business has in store for all existing and potential Marketers, and much more. Additionally, we have invited corporate speakers from the myWorld group of companies to present further updates on what customers and loyalty partners can expect in the future.

    One of our speakers who should not be missing at any of our events is Eric Worre – Speaker, Trainer & Consultant. Drawing on his many years of experience in the field, he offers superior coaching and training unlike any other.

    However, we are not done yet. In January we had the honor of not only inviting speakers with diverse backgrounds but also successful Lyconet Marketers. Some of them will once again share the stage with our top speakers Hubert Freidl, Mario Kapun & Eric Worre at the coming event.

    Registration is now open!  

    Just as the Lyconet Online Sensation continues to evolve and grow, so does the registration website for the event. We are excited to announce that the registration for the upcoming event is now open on the all-new Lyconet Online Sensation registration page

    Here you will find the most important information, news about our speakers, information on the registration process & how to get or share ticket codes, and much more.   

    In addition to that, the website is also the new go-to website for everyone interested in the event and the business. It does not only offer you the possibility to register for the event but also provides information on the benefits of participation. 

    Join us on our virtual stage on 24 April 2021!  

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