Benefit from your first Shopping Point in the myWorld Benefit Program

    The myWorld Benefit Program offers a unique approach for Shoppers. Not only can they collect Shopping Benefits with every purchase, but they also benefit from already collected Benefits, beginning with the first Shopping Point they have received.

    The myWorld Benefit Program – certainly a great shopping experience

    Shopping is part of everybody’s life – so what if you could benefit from purchases you need to make daily? The myWorld Benefit Program provides you with that possibility and, thus, makes it the perfect choice for yourself and your team. No matter if you are a passionate Online Shopper, a lover of extensive Shopping trips with friends, or a moderate Shopper in everyday life, the myWorld Benefit Program offers everyone the opportunity to make shopping fun.

    Besides offering exciting shopping possibilities, the myWorld Benefit Program awards Shopping Points and Cashback with every purchase. In contrast to other Loyalty Programs that offer either Cashback or Loyalty Points, you get both with every purchase in myWorld.

    Benefit from your first Shopping Point – no need to collect for ages

    Already excited? Hold on, it gets even better. When shopping with myWorld, you are able to benefit additionally by gaining access to an exclusive range of Deals with which you secure even more amazing offers in exchange for Shopping Points that you have received through previous purchases.

    Does that mean you start collecting now and benefit from Shopping Points much later? Not in myWorld. Exclusive Deals are available for all ranges of accumulated Shopping Points and you will find interesting offers from the first Shopping Point collected. in myWorld, every single Shopping Point counts – because every single Shopper counts.

    Win additional Benefits – for a short time only

    The best is yet to come: For a short period, myWorld gives you the chance to win even more Benefits and secure discounts faster. Here’s how to do it: Send your team over to, they can spin the wheels in 34 countries and win Benefits in 18 countries*. Available for a short time only, so get started right away.

    Spin and play now: Take part and spin the wheel

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