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    With the support of the Lyconet community, the Child and Family Foundation has already implemented around 200 educational and aid-related projects in 41 countries, thereby changing the lives of thousands of children and their families for the better. The Lyconet Marketers have already shown a phenomenal willingness to donate and have also launched their own fundraising campaigns, letting their good deeds speak for themselves.

    Especially in critical times like these, the commitment of Lyconet Marketers is important to support the Child and Family Foundation and it´s full dedication in order to guarantee the basic regional care for countless affected people. In the last few months, the main focus has been on securing the income of teachers and those involved in projects in different regions and providing for school children and their families with necessary care.

    Social Points for social commitment!
    With your contribution, you not only help countless people in need, but you also profit from it. Because every donation is rewarded with Social Points for your career! What could be better? Looking into the bright eyes of a child filled with pure joy. This is how every Marketer has felt when they’ve had the honour of a school or classroom dedication. To experience this unique feeling, climb the ladder of success in your Lyconet career.

    As of today, 227 classrooms and 11 schools have been dedicated to Lyconet Presidents – pretty amazing, isn’t it?  Mario Oreggia and his team show us how moving a school dedication can be. Would you like to find out more? Then click here.

    The Child and Family Foundation team would like to express their deepest appreciation for the unwavering commitment of the Lyconet Community. If you want to share this social commitment as well, support the Child and Family Foundation at

    Facts & Figures

    • 95 aid and educational projects in 41 countries around the world
    • More than 100 “Angel for a Day” campaigns
    • Approx. 38,000 beneficiaries

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