Astrid Flamand – a woman with a mission

    During the Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition, we had the chance to hear some bits of the impressive story of the Lyconet Ambassador Astrid Flamand (Career Level 6, from the Netherlands). Astrid’s work background is diverse and colorful. She studied to become a nurse, but despite her degree and a secured job position, Astrid turned her back on medical care and found herself working as a typist and later executive secretary. Her entrepreneurial affinity took her to the field of sales, where eventually she became a sales and account support manager. That would be her full-time job until she crossed paths with Lyconet.  

    In 2011 Astrid found out about Lyconet and she admits that she was pleasantly surprised and fascinated by the flexibility, structure and concept that Lyconet had to offer. As a mother, her wish had always been to be able to stay home with her children and to be able to provide them a stable future. In her words, Lyconet was able to offer her this opportunity. 

    Success as a choice

    Astrid has a very particular view on success:   

    “Success is a choice. Success is not a matter of being lucky, you choose whether you want to become successful.”

    Astid Flamand

    Astrid decided to give her full attention to Lyconet and see it as a full-time profession, which she now recalls as the right decision. Her advice is before even starting something to answer the big “WHY”, as she calls it. If someone has their WHY, they will have their inner drive and the motivation to achieve more. According to her, when Marketers know what they must do, but they don’t know why eventually, they will get stuck and never be able to develop and grow. Her next tip is to make an educated decision and be consistent. If someone does so, it will have a significant impact on their actions. Furthermore, Astrid advises all Marketers to show that they are willing to learn and are hungry for success.   

    On her path to success, she took inspiration from famous coaches, such as Eric Worre, and implemented their tips in order to improve her routine. Time was and still is very valuable for Astrid, so she was very careful with her routine. She paid attention to her priorities, divided her tasks smartly, and finally had enough time for her family, which of course made her very happy.  

    What makes Astrid feel successful is the opportunity to help others and show them that everyone is good enough to become a Marketer regardless of their gender, educational background and location. Working with a team, and especially an international one, that has the same goal is enriching and exceptionally motivating, or as Astrid calls it unique and simple – “Unique because everyone has their advantage and simple because everyone can do it.” 

    Challenges on the way 

    Astrid depicts herself as a very positive person and sees obstacles as challenges that can only help her to learn and grow. She compares building a business with a rollercoaster – exciting and full of ups and downs. She explains that challenges make her stronger and set her to push herself and her team on the way to the top. Astrid’s positive take on challenges is bound together with her success.  

    She has clear goals for her future and one of the next challenges that she wants to take on is to have a school named after her name, one of the greatest honors that a Marketer can receive. Astrid is very passionate about the Child & Family Foundation and as a mother, she knows how important education is for children. Helping others is one of the reasons Astrid loves her profession.  

    “On my way to success I found out that my mission is bigger than me.”

    Astrid Flamand

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