A September to remember – highlights of the Lyconet Elite Seminar 2022

    The event of the year finally took place! On 9 and10 September, we said hello to the Lyconet Elite Seminar 2022 in Kraków. We were so delighted to meet all of you in person! These 2 days are proof that nothing can bring people together more than live events, especially spectacular ones like the Lyconet Elite Seminar!  

    Where could our Marketers get more motivation and inspiration than at the Lyconet event?  

    Events like the Elite Seminar provide Marketers like you with fresh energy and new excitement for the next months. With enough élan and encouragement, you can proceed with your plans for the rest of the year.  

    And to all of you who did not manage to attend – you missed quite a show! Here is a brief summary of our favorite moments. 

    Highlights – day 1 

    We started with a warm welcome from our beloved host Chris Brown. We continued with a little party to warm up the mood and directly moved forward with the honorable flag parade. Among the flag bearers, the stage cheered selected Marketers who had the honor to represent their country and their team in front of thousands of people. 

    After the parade, first, on stage, we had the honor to welcome the one and only Hubert Freidl, Founder of the group of companies, where he presented the hottest news regarding Lyconet and the myWorld Share Program. Afterward, we heard all about the progress at the 360Code Lab from the new CEO 360Code Lab, Marta Kolanko. Later, Marta passed the microphone to another remarkable young woman – Pia Hausen, Lyconet Ambassador. After Pia shared her touching and humorous success story of dreaming of independence and a life filled with travels, next on the stage we saw Sharif Omar, CEO myWorld International. Who would better explain all about the new and favorite features of myWorld than Sharif Omar himself? 

    The next impressive success story was the one of Dominic Kollmann, Lyconet President. He started working a regular 9 to 5 job, but soon after that, he realized that this was not the right path for him; and here he stands years later – on the stage –, sharing his story of becoming a Lyconet President in front of thousands of people. 

    After Dominic’s speech, we heard the phenomenal news and updates regarding the all-favorite @media box from Hans Christian Neuhold, CEO mediaWorld International. 

    We had the pleasure to experience top coaching from another successful lady – Binna Sajovic, Lyconet President. She encouraged Marketers not to be afraid of making mistakes, to re-building themselves and their businesses, and not to worry about living to their fullest potential. 

    Speaking of full potential, our next speaker Zoran Vitanov, Lyconet President, had plenty of experience to share with our audience. His dedication and persistence are virtues that helped him on the way up. He is a perfect success example for all Marketers around the world! 

    The first event day could not end any better! Back on stage, Hubert Freidl surprised everyone with the Early Bird Special. It allowed all attending Marketers to buy their Elite Seminar 2023 tickets in the next 30 minutes and enjoy some fantastic benefits. In the meantime, there was a competition which country had the highest number of tickets sold. On the big screen, we were able to witness the metaphorical fight between Macedonia, Austria, and Portugal. Once the 30 minutes passed, the winner turned out to be Germany. Due to the unexpected amount of sold tickets and the interest in the Early Bird Special, Hubert extended it further. How amazing!  

    What was even better is that the whole Early Bird Special competition was streamed live online on our social media channels. Therefore, the Marketers who were not able to attend the event could participate as well. There was something for everyone! 

    Highlights – day 2

    Lyconet events give you a boost of motivation to do better because there are so many top speakers, who share their success and insights with you. These leaders make you realize your mistakes and their wise words definitely contribute to your business strategy. And this is exactly what our Day 2 speakers did! 

    The day started with Rainer Schuster, CEO travelWorld Global, sharing the remarkable progress and developments of travelWorld – the best booking platform for you as a Marketer! Next, we heard from Sebastian Pfefferle, Lyconet Ambassador, about his professional struggles before he found his way, which happened to be Lyconet. 

    After this memorable success story, it was again time to jump into the world of myWorld and enjoy all the news and updates that Radovan Vitosevic, COO myWorld International, had up his sleeve. In that matter, we also learned all about the Asian market and all it brings from Alfian Abu Talib, CEO myWorld Asia Pacific, and the heart and soul of the Asian market. Apropos, after Alfian, we welcomed one of our newest Lyconet Presidents – C C Wong. He has been working hard with his team and achieved what nobody in Asia did before him. In June 2022, he became Lyconet Vice President!

    Then the stage was taken over by the world-class motivational speaker Tobias Beck. Needless to say, his coaching blew the public away! 

    Before the day slowly started to come to an end, we had two more inspiring top leaders in a row. First was the story of Fredi Taucher, Lyconet President, who believes that success comes only when your dreams are bigger than your excuses – well, his dreams most certainly are, what about yours?  

    Then – welcomed with very loud applause – on the stage appeared Duarte Saldanha, Lyconet President, with a very interesting and international background. His insights are strongly based on his deep-rooted beliefs and values. Similarly to Fredi Taucher, Duarte advised everyone to stir away from excuses, because you cannot have both success and excuses., There is room only for one of the two. 

    Before the long-waited Career Level Honoring began, we also had a glimpse of the exciting EliteClub news and updates shared by brilliant Peter Gruber, EliteClub Global, COO Lyconet Global. After Peter, it was time for our final speaker, Heidemarie Kipperer, Chairwoman Child & Family Foundation, and Greenfinity Foundation. She proudly presented the current projects that the two foundations are working on and the crucial impact these noble causes hold. Together we can assure a better future for all! 

    Finally, all Marketer’s favorite Career Level Honoring started. Successful Marketers from various Career Levels received their well-deserved certificates and admiration, as well as the support of their teams. At the end of the day, there is no such feeling as sharing this moment with your closest teammates. 

    And what about the party? It was ongoing! Between all the speeches, we witnessed a colorful palette of talented performers, illuminating lights, and phenomenal music on both days. But the real stars of the show were all of you who attended!

    In case you did not manage to join us, well, you missed out on something epic. But you can share this phenomenon, called Elite Seminar, next year in Germany with us. Get your tickets and get ready because the best is yet to come!

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