A School in Need of Help

    Have you been part of the Lyconet Community long enough that you can still remember the construction of the solar-powered well for the Amina Zwindila Foundation School in 2017? Back then, dedicated Lyconet Marketers made it possible for the Greenfinity Foundation to provide the school in the arid Jos Plateau in Nigeria with sorely needed access to clean drinking water. With their donation, they not only enabled the 350 students and their teachers to drink clean water during the school day, but also provided the school with the opportunity to implement hygiene measures.

    A blessing during this pandemic 

    As you can imagine, having access to clean drinking water at the school has become even more important since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 350 students attend classes at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School every day. Add to that the teachers and any other person who needs to enter the school grounds, such as workmen or parents, and you have a significant number of people on site at any one time. With such a large number of people, it is important that everyone has the opportunity to frequently wash their hands with clean water and soap and that there is enough water to clean frequently-used surfaces regularly. Without knowing it, back then, every single Lyconet Marketer who helped to build this well with their donation contributed to the creation of this important weapon in the fight against the virus today. 

    A leak threatens the safety of the students 

    Until recently, the school could blindly rely on this weapon. Now one of the well’s tanks has sprung a leak, causing it to lose a lot of water. This is a disaster, especially at the moment, as the school’s water demand has increased due to the necessary strict hygiene measures. As this is an urgent issue, the Greenfinity Foundation has decided to start a call for donations to fund the renovation of the school well. Every contribution counts and helps the Greenfinity Foundation to secure clean running water for the 350 students at Amina Zwindila Foundation School. 

    Let’s join forces and make the renovation possible! 

    The Lyconet Community has proven time and time again that there are no limits to what can be achieved when like-minded people join forces. It was thanks to this Community, that the well could be built in the first place. Let’s stand together in solidarity now and make sure we keep the well working!

    If you want to help, you can do so via the Greenfinity Foundation

    To learn more about the project, click here 

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