A behind-the-scenes look at the Lyconet Online Sensation 2020

    Events are crucial in the network marketing business and every Marketer should attend as many as possible. They provide additional training, push every team’s motivation, and feed participants with the latest news. That is why we want to give you the opportunity to attend events and develop yourself.

    The Lyconet Online Sensation was the first of its kind. It was a new event experience for everyone involved. We are used to meeting in person, to rocking the stage, and feeding off the atmosphere in the Schalke Arena.

    However, the entire Lyconet and mediaProductions crew took great pleasure in creating a completely different event.

    Safety first

    We decided to organize an online event not only due to the governmental restrictions and guidelines but also for your health and saftey. Of course, everybody working in the Lyconet Online Sensation studio – on stage & off stage – followed the health regulations, such as keeping the distance and wearing a mask wherever needed.

    Additionally all speakers were tested for the Corona virus, since they shared the stage.

    Where’s the camera?

    Our speakers are used to speaking to an actual audience, the difficulty this time was to speak into a camera. Have you ever spoken to your smartphone screen without seeing a reaction? Yes, that’s basically what it felt like for our speakers.

    After the rehearsal, they felt much better and knew exactly what needs to be done and how to interact with the spectators on the other side of the lense. In addition to the camera settings, we had a live call with Eric Worre, who joined the speakers from his own studio in Las Vegas, America.

    We have also captured some incredible moments both on stage and behind the scenes for you:

    You want to get more insights?

    The videographer was not only on stage but also backstage, watching the crew filming the Lyconet Online Sensation. Curious? Enjoy this sneak peek behind the scenes:

    produced by mediaProductions

    What’s going to come next?

    We loved to bring the online event to you! To make the wait for the Elite Seminar 2021 more pleasant for you, we are looking forward to the second edition of the Lyconet Online Sensation in January 2021.

    The easiest way to talk about the business are events.

    Mario Kapun CEO Lyconet International

    In addition to any Lyconet Marketer, it is always worthwhile to educate and develop oneself. Only by continuously working on your own development can you get better and better – and this will also have a positive effect on your team!

    At the Lyconet Online Sensation 2021, you will see some familiar faces, such as Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet International AG, Hubert Freidl, founder of the myWorld group of companies, as well as Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre, who do not want to miss out on being part of the first spectacular network marketing event of the year. But we can assure you of one thing: Their names are not the only ones on our list of world-renowned speakers.

    Stay tuned for many more inspiring people that the Lyconet Online Sensation 2021 will bring straight to your home!

    You are not a Lyconet Marketer yet?

    Good news: You can register free of charge and seize the opportunity to learn valuable tips and tricks from the pros in the network marketing business at the Lyconet Online Sensation 2021. Get ready to dive into the exciting universe of Lyconet and myWorld at the Lyconet Online Sensation 2021!

    We can’t wait to see you there!

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