5 tips on how to set up a successful team

    Behind each successful entrepreneur, there is a strong team having his back. A team is a lot more than a couple of people working on several projects and discussing them together, just so the others are on board. Also, it is more than finding the right people with the right set of professional skills. Working in a team is crucial not only for the team itself – it also concerns each and everyone involved within the Organization. 

    As a Lyconet Marketer, your work progress relies heavily on your teamwork. Lyconet offers flexibility, and you are free to choose whom to work with. So far, so good! But that being said is easy, whereas finding or building up the right team is the challenging part, since your communication with them plays a crucial role. Here are 5 tips on how to set up a successful team: 

    Create a plan 

    As a team leader, you are expected to provide some clear and measurable goals. It sounds very easy at first, but sometimes this might be one of the most challenging tasks. Your team members will most certainly have questions such as What is our goal? or Where are we going with this? the whole time, so you should be well prepared to provide them with clear answers and goals. Once you have established what exactly your plan consists of, make sure that your goals are measurable. At the end of the day, you can only measure your success by obtaining your and your team’s results. 

    Establish the priorities 

    Your team’s confusion might often start when you as a leader start listing four, eight, or more priorities. As Jim Collins, the author of the best-selling management books Good to Great and Built to Last, is fond of saying: If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.  

    Setting your priorities can give your team a structure and ground rules to follow. In that way, you can also measure your team’s productivity and the individual commitment and development of the members. And then, even if you repeat yourself, it is important to keep reminding your team what to prioritize. 

    Identify team culture 

    Do not be afraid to create your team’s culture. Lyconet gives you the opportunity to build your own team, so you get to choose whom to work with and how. Find the right people who share your values and stick to them. Once you find the most fitting and competent people for your team, you have to highlight the team’s values.

    Work on your leadership skills 

    Once you have your team, you also have to work on yourself. As an entrepreneur, it is important to not neglect your personal growth. Your team’s success is yours as well, and they should deserve a leader who inspires and supports them. Find out more about the most important team leader qualities in our article How to be the leader your team deserves.  

    Do not forget to have fun 

    Last but not least, have fun with your team. You are spending so much time with the people that you are working with, so you all should enjoy this process. Communicate with them, rely on their strengths, and accept their flaws. Also, appreciate them and be proud that you chose this team, because these are the people with whom you will share your success. 

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