Think outside the box with the @media box

    With the @media box, a revolution begins: The revolution of our reception of advertising. It provides you as a Lyconet Marketer with unique benefits for your career – but read for yourself what potential the @media box has!

    Unique products, great incentives, and a tailored technical infrastructure: Together with its business partners, Lyconet offers its Marketers the perfect tools for a promising career as independent entrepreneurs. Now, also the @media box is part of the highly varied product portfolio, which you as a Lyconet Marketer can use to successfully establish and expand your business. But what is the @media box and what makes it so special? We have summarized the most important details and information regarding the @media box for you.

    Watch ads and benefit

    The @media box is proof that Lyconet and its business partners regularly think outside the box and that their collected impressions result in a unique, innovative product. The @media box will be connected with the TV and combines all myWorld channels and platforms, for example, and the travel booking platform myWorld customers, but also Lyconet Marketers who use the @media box receive access to a wealth of ads – which are of particular interest to them – from myWorld and external Partners. They can even decide individually how many ads they want to have displayed and on which topics. They will see these in a split-screen format on TV while they are streaming a movie or playing a video game. The best about it: For every ad watched, the users of the @media box receive shopping benefits, and they can buy a desired product shown in the ad with one simple click on their remote control!

    Unbox your success

    Think outside the box and use the full potential that is awaiting you inside the box! This is how you could sum up the key message of the @media box. The truth is: To be successful as a Lyconet Marketer, you should think big and – above all – outside the box. This includes reflecting on a regular basis and exploring new avenues to surpass yourself. You will see that the @media box is at the end of your avenue. But how can you benefit from the use of the @media box? How can you exploit its full potential and unbox your success, so to speak? The @media box makes this really easy for you: As a Lyconet Marketer, you can either use the @media box yourself or you can give it to the customers of your Organization. As soon as one of your customers uses the @media box, you also receive additional benefits to give your career the necessary boost. But that is not all!

    A must-have for Lyconet Marketers

    As a Lyconet Marketer, you have the opportunity to link the PowerKey – an ingenious incentive – with the @media box to get even more benefits for your business. “We are already looking forward to the official launch of the @media box in Italy in autumn 2022. The myWorld customers and Lyconet Marketers will be fascinated by the simplicity and the potential of the product. It is an absolute must-have not only for customers but also for Marketers,” explains Hans Christian Neuhold, CEO mediaWorld agency, which is entrusted with the promotion of the @media box.

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