The ZQ Navigator – a pioneering product

    You would like to be more conscious about your life and use the universal energies for your own business the best way possible? Then our partner myWorld has just the right software tool for you: the ZQ Navigator.

    The ZQ Navigator is a varied program with which you as a Lyconet Marketer can identify and use the best suited day for your life activities. You want to seize a significant business opportunity, or you have to make a decision of great importance? Based on your data, the ZQ Navigator creates an individual profile, which includes information about your talents, characteristics, leadership style. Thus, the ZQ Navigator not only enables you to get to know yourself even better but also to exploit your full potential to reach your goals. The ZQ Navigator connects all this with different energies from the universe in which we live, and calculates, based on that, the best days for 32 different activities in your life.

    Teamwork makes the dream work

    Furthermore, the ZQ Navigator gives you the opportunity for practising professional Human Resources Management: The software tool allows you to conduct compatibility checks within your team, through which you can determine in which areas you and your team members – and they among themselves – harmonize best. On the basis of these results, which are generated in areas like business, health, or social relations, you can use the calculated potentials for your business in the best possible way.

    Forging plans made easy

    But this is not enough yet: With the planning function of the ZQ Navigator, you can optimally organize your tasks and appointments that are pending in daily business and make plans for reaching your long-term goals. In this way, you always keep track of your personal and professional milestones and never lose your bearings on the way to success.

    So, what are you waiting for? Register now on, place your first Benefit Voucher order and get the ZQ Navigator. After that, nothing stands in your path of achieving your goals and making your dreams come true.

    You want to read more about the ZQ Navigator? Find more details on the website of our partner ZeeQuest at

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