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    Together we are strong, doesn’t just mean that we benefit from working together as a community but also that we can and must learn from the experiences and success stories of others. This is why we are continuously speaking to our Marketers and offering you the opportunity to watch and learn from these interviews. Perhaps one of the following talks will offer you some inspiration or even some ideas which you could integrate into your business.

    Martin Lindgaard

    Martin Lindgaard is from Denmark and has experience in both, regular jobs and as an entrepreneur. Recently, he quit his job because Lyconet gave him the opportunity to solely focus on his business. He mostly focuses on Merchants because through that he can bring a lot of value to the community. Check out his full interview here to discover why he focuses on the Premium Partner Program and in what way this contributes to the strength of the community.

    Peter Löffler

    Peter Löffler used to work for large corporations and after many years of experience in internal management consulting, he made the decision to become self-employed. That’s when he came across the loyalty program and decided to put all his other things aside and solely focus on this. For many years he has been working for myWorld Austria as a Partner Manager. Austrian Merchant Marketers can always rely on his services and sale advice, as well as on his valuable insights on closing deals. Go check it out and listen to his full interview here.

    Johnny De Canha

    Johnny is from Pretoria, South Africa where he owns a chain of fruit and veg stores, which offer a wide range of products, called Fruit Stop. When a good friend introduced him to myWorld he was thrilled about the ability to offer his clients a loyalty program. In order to make the process of joining the program effortless for his customers, he has employees in store whose sole purpose is to provide customers with information and assistance when signing up. He is also very active within the Lyconet business viewing this as a great long-term benefit.  See learn more from this successful entrepreneur watch the fill interview here.

    Ioannis Apostolidis

    Ioannis comes from Veria, Greece, and he is one of the most successful Merchant Marketers in his region. His aim is to help businesses in his area to overcome market obstacles and to increase sales. He first heard about Lyconet 8 years ago from an acquaintance, and at that point he realized: “This is my opportunity to change my life forever” and decided to start as a Merchant Marketer. Sure, at the beginning he felt confused and lost, but once he and his wife had attended some seminars, they were soon able to excel. You can hear more about his story here.

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